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Hi my name is Amy Maggie sews and I aman advocate for Adult Basic Education inthe GED today we're going to begathering with GED graduates adulteducation students from all over thecity of tucson we're very concernedabout the governor's proposal toeliminate all GED and adult education inArizona not just now but permanently andwe want to see what we can do about thisand take action the GED and adult basiceducation provides people all aroundarizona and here in tucson theopportunity to get their basic educationso that they can get better jobs so thatthey can get off public assistance sothat they can be able to help theirchildren with their school we have inAdult Basic Education and GED people whohave the opportunity now to get involvedin the community help their children intheir schools so that their childrensucceed we have people from othercountries who are perhaps professionalswe have people who are doctors or nursesand want to be able to work in thiscountry but need basic education to beable to be part of our workforce all ofthese people have a dream of being ableto help their community to beself-sufficient and to be part of theAmerican dreamyouyou